How To Light A Green Screen The Proper Way

Here are a few tips and tricks that underlie the magic.

1. Green Screen Lighting

Life is all about seating and lighting. But really more about the lighting.
When it comes to working against a green screen theres nothing more crucial than getting the lighting right.

This will determine the smoothness of the green background. The smoother the background the easier it is to edit afterwards!

Good lighting will ensure an even look to the green so that when it comes to the editing room later, editors will only have to worry about getting rid of one shade of green, therefore avoiding the use of multiple chroma keys!

Lighting is also key to creating the correct environment and atmosphere for your shoot and will help in making the final product more realistic.

2. Green Screen Surface

Vanity is but the surface. This is one of a few times that being vain is an absolute must! The surface that you use for the green screen should be smooth, regardless of the material being used. The reasons are the same as mentioned earlier with lighting it makes editing significantly easier! …

And as a wise old-timer once said

Video Editing is where absolutely, stupendously great shoots go to die” 😉

Being picky with the surface you use will guarantee a better final product. At the American Movie Company, we use a Hard Cyc, and a Seamless Green Screen.

3. Green Screen PROPS

A single prop that does not look real to an audience can louse you up. Although we do our best to create majestic scenes out of thin air, nothing says better than actual props! Using as many practical elements as possible creates a more authentic looking environment.
Of course, be wise when choosing props and avoid objects that are reflective and green!

4. What about that SOFTWARE?

Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering. Bill Gates. We couldn’t agree with you more Bill!

At the American Movie Company, we use the latest video editing editing software.

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How To Light A Green Screen The Proper Way

by | Mar 5, 2019 | Studio Rentals

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