What is a Teleprompter?

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A teleprompter is a device that displays text on a screen in front of a camera, typically used by television news anchors and other public speakers to read scripts or speeches while maintaining eye contact with the camera.


The text is typically scrolled automatically, controlled by a foot pedal or hand-held remote. Teleprompters are also used in video production, live events, and other settings where a speaker needs to read from a script while looking directly at the camera.

There are many reasons to use a teleprompter:


A teleprompter allows a speaker to read from a script while maintaining eye contact with the camera, which can save time and increase efficiency during the filming or recording process.

Improved delivery

A teleprompter can help speakers to deliver their message more effectively by allowing them to read from a script while maintaining natural eye contact and body language.


Reduced mistakes

By using a teleprompter, speakers can reduce the risk of mistakes such as mispronouncing words or losing their place in a script.


Teleprompters can be helpful in ensuring that the speaker’s message is consistent across multiple takes, which can be especially useful in situations where multiple cameras are used or where a speaker is giving the same speech multiple times.


Teleprompters are commonly used in professional settings such as news broadcasts, live events, and video productions, and can help to create a polished and professional image for the speaker or organization.

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How much is a Teleprompter rental?

The cost of renting a teleprompter can vary depending on several factors such as the type of teleprompter, the length of the rental period, and the location. Generally, the cost of renting a basic teleprompter setup, which includes the teleprompter itself and an operator to run it, can range from $945 to $1595 per day. For high-end teleprompters with advanced features, the cost can be higher. Additionally, the cost of rental may vary depending on the location where the equipment is needed and any additional services such as delivery or setup.

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