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The American Movie Company is the largest Teleprompter and Interrotron Rental Service in North America operating in 47 major movie markets. We have operators throughout the United States and Canada who have prompted for current political figures and in the recent past for President Bill Clinton, President Barack Obama, and Former First Lady Michelle Obama.  Celebrities are too many to name.  They include Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Tina Fey, Beyoncé et al.  Major companies include Google, Jaguar, Showtime, PBS Sports, etc. The American Movie Company is known for its teleprompter services because all of our operators are the quintessential professionals. 

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Meet our Production Staff!

Our Production Coordinators are here to partner you with the best operator and the right teleprompter for the job.

Bill Milling – C.E.O of American Movie Company and its subsidiary Teleprompter Rental LA

Bill Milling created American Movie Company (AMC) in 1996 with the intent that all film producers should have access to high quality film production at an agreeable price. Bill’s background and experience as a Producer and Director in the film industry became the perfect prequel to AMC’s  mission of honesty, integrity, and expert knowledge of the industry.

AMC boasts access to some of the best studios in NYC, Hollywood, and other main cities across the country. The company also has a presence in many parts of the world through a network of facilities 20 years in the making. In other words, AMC can meet your film production needs.

Leah Sammak, production coordinator, blogger, girls in film

Leah Sammak – Producer/Production Coordinator

Leah is an indispensable asset at the American Movie Company. She has a fascinating background. She is Lebanese but grew up in Saudi Arabia. She then moved to the U.S. and attended the University of Illinois. She lived in Chicago for a while and worked as a coordinator at an audio post-production studio. Leah and George (her cat) now live happily in New York.  She has varied interests. She enjoys writing and surfing through Netflix. She aspires to be a Broadway star (as evidenced by her breaking into song at the drop of a hat.) and occasionally pretends to play the guitar.  Strumming right along …. she enjoys playing host to a motley crew, friends from around the globe. 

Dilenia Rodriguez, Animator, Production Artist, Artist, Painter, Filmmaker, RISD grad, Video Editor, Production Coordinator, Writer

Dilenia Rodriguez – Production Coordinator, Marketing and Web Developer, Graphic Designer, Video Editor (I do it all!)

Believe or not, she is humble. Originally from the Dominican Republic,(fluent in Spanish, of course) at a young age Dilenia and her dad moved to Jersey City. She was heavily involved in the fine arts scene both in Jersey and New York City. She participated in several art and design programs which eventually led her to pursue a career in art and film. Dilenia attended the Rhode Island School of Design, where she earned a BFA in Film, Animation and Video. After graduating she became interested in business administration and began taking courses on the subject. She is a person of many skills. As you can see she is the quintessential Renaissance woman. All of above mentioned attributes are put to good use at AMC and Teleprompter Rental LA. 

The Best Teleprompter Operators in the West Coast.

Davis Farthing, Teleprompter Rental LA

Meet Davis Farthing

One of Our Coveted Teleprompter Operators in Los Angeles.

Davis fell in love with film as a child watching black-and-white movies with his grandmother. The fascination continued into college and inspired him to move to Los Angeles after graduation. He began working with AMC soon after and has taken great joy in seeing up close what fascinated him as a kid.

Prompter operator, Teleprompter operator Hollywood

Because you deserve a company with professional operators capable of addressing tech issues immediately, Teleprompter Rental LA Operators are skilled technicians capable of handling any complications that may arise on set. It bears repeating, we are a company, not an individual owner-operator and part of the largest network of teleprompter operators in the country, so if the operator in the field can’t solve a problem, he/she can call our backup crew.

Tech support is often not considered as the renter usually assumes that every operator is also a skilled technician. While this is sometimes the case, we feel it should always be so. Most shoots are very simple and straightforward and when everything is going well, virtually any competent operator can handle things, but when it doesn’t go well, you need to have someone on the case to get your shoot back on track with minimal lost production time. Technology seems to change with the speed of light. At Teleprompter Rental LA we make sure to keep up with it.


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