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Hollywood Confidence Monitors Rental.

Confidence Monitors are used by singers, speakers and performers on stage to reference lyrics, notes or presentation copy. Our monitors can be adjusted for height, color and brightness. They can also be hidden from the audience. These monitors are designed to be a point of reference for performers who move about the stage.

Confidence monitor set up in studio

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    Teleprompter Phone
    Andrew Hebert
    Zack teleprompting - people and screens in background

    Zack Breheney- Teleprompter Operator prompting for Pentatonix during their Christmas tour.

    Confidence Monitors Los Angeles

    The Rock n’ Roll Monitor

    Confidence Monitor with copy

    For stage performers, neither the traditional teleprompter nor the presidential teleprompter, aka, speech teleprompter is suitable for on-stage prompting.

    Performers, singers, comedians and generally those who need to see text or lyrics to perform at their best use a confidence monitor or downstage teleprompter monitor.

    The downstage version is usually positioned so that the audience can’t really see it. It is often in a black box covered with a non-reflective black fabric such as duvetyne.

    Well lit stage and audience
    Teleprompting for Cyndi Lauper & Friends

    Teleprompting for Cyndi Lauper & Friends

    American Movie Company (AMC)’s teleprompter operator extraordinaire, Zack Breheney, operated a confidence monitor for Lauper and her impressive bevy of stage guests for the evening.  AMC’s Renaissance women, Leah and Dilenia also tagged along to document the exciting lineup, which included powerhouse artists such as Bebe Rexha, Natalie Merchant, and Regina Spektor. Bishop Briggs rocked the house with her popular single, “River”, bringing heavy energy to the Beacon’s stage, while A$AP Rocky invited Lauper to do a duet, an acoustic version of “Everyday”. 

    How To Interrotron

    How To Interrotron

    One builds the Interrotron by building two Teleprompters, a talent unit (with the camera with which you are shooting) and a director’s unit (a Teleprompter with another camera) This way each person can have a face-to-face conversation with the interviewer while simultaneously looking directly into the camera.

    Is Apple Eavesdropping on You?

    Is Apple Eavesdropping on You?

    The bug affected users of iPhones running iOS 12.1, and Apple PCs running macOS Mojave when the update installed a new feature, Group FaceTime. The feature was meant to allow users to talk to multiple contacts through Apple’s popular FaceTime app. However, people soon discovered you could call contacts and hear and see them, even if they didn’t respond to the call. 

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