Ear Prompter aka In Ear Teleprompter

Ear prompters are an essential gadget a presenter must have. It allows you to deliver your lines word for word without having to memorize them or hold a script. Ears prompters are made up of an earpiece that is either wired (as used by news anchors) or wireless (as used by hearing aids) and is connected to a compact recorder.


A prompter is controlled by the person wearing it, and instead of hearing a producer in your ear, you’re hearing your voice reading your script, which you recorded beforehand. These are used by actors on camera and in front of live audiences, and there are some situations where it’s better to use a prompter than to rely on your memory.

Which type of system you choose depends on your needs. For instance, if you have long hair, you can hide a piece that is hardwired. Most of the time, wired prompters sound better and cost less than wireless earpieces. Use a wireless if you have short hair.

Ear Teleprompter

Ear prompters can save your life.

They take away the stress of not knowing your screenplay, let authors make changes on set, and free producers from having to give you a script early on.

They are also helpful if you have to try out for a commercial at the last minute. You can walk into the room and look like you already know what to say.

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