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When you hire a Teleprompter Operator from TeleprompterRentalLA.Com you are also hiring a professionally trained teleprompter speech coach. Our Operators are there to evoke a great performance from the talent. Our operators arrive an hour before shooting starts to coach the talent through the script and determine the perfect reading speed and eye level to prompt. Our Operators work together with you and the talent. They will make any necessary changes so that the talent’s performance is as genuine as possible. Our Operators are trained technicians ready to troubleshoot any technical shortcomings that may come up.

Because Teleprompter Rental LA is part of the largest teleprompter rental service in the United States, we have ready operators where you need them. Our operators fly all around the country to prompt for clients in the entertainment industry and politics. We have prompted for notable figures like Beyoncê, and former First Lady Michelle Obama among others. We provide a versatile prompter service. We’ll figure out how to put a teleprompter in any setting.

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The Standard Teleprompter Rental

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Features a 19″ HD monitor

with a clear, sharp prompting image.


The AutoCue Professional Gold Plate is the most versatile model of its kind designed for studio, location and outside broadcast’s applications. It is the number one choice for teleprompter professionals everywhere.

  • The AutoCue “gold plate unit”  is lightweight, slim and can easily be mounted to a pedestal using rods or to a tripod using our versatile 15 mm sliding gold plate system.
  •  The Professional Series Teleprompter (PSP) easily moves back and forward to accommodate any size camera and lens combination.
  • The PSP has two gold plates.  One for the camera body and one to support the lens (if needed)  The gold plates accept both quarter-twenty and one-third mounting screws.
  • The PSP Gold Plate comes with a large and lightweight medium wide-angle hood. It has a considerably greater range of vertical movement than any other prompter on the market.
  • This feature allows the DP  to shoot directly through the center of the mirrored glass without having to adjust the camera up or down.
  • Our PSP prompters are custom-made and come with “drive card technology” which produces a much more even scroll.
  • All monitors can reverse image on the monitor. This important function makes it easier for the talent to read the text given the smooth scrolling.

Standard Teleprompter Rental

19″ Gold Plate Standard Teleprompter (High Bright) Rental

Prompter People Teleprompter without operator 

Presidential Teleprompter Rental

The Speech Prompter

A staple of public public speakers everywhere. The presidential teleprompter is a pair of transparent glass screens placed on thin stands flanking the podium. System includes dual monitors, a professional teleprompter operator, distribution amplifier, cables, software and backup supplies.

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Rise and Fall Presidential Teleprompter

$1595 a day

A remote height adjusting system, that allows the prompter to be modified for individual speakers.

The Robotic Height Adjustment feature in the Presidential Teleprompters allows for seamless height changes to the stands. Our operators and speech coaches, spend time to  prep the talent to attain their optimal performance. Which includes finding the perfect height for the talent’s eye level. With a standard Presidential Teleprompter, the operator would write down their talent’s ideal heights and adjust it manually with each change. With Robotic Height Adjustment, the Presidential Teleprompter itself remembers the talents’ optimal viewing heights and will readjust instantly with the push of a button.

Rent a Presidential Teleprompter

We have the highest end Presidential Teleprompters on the market. Each Speech Prompter comes with a backup computer with pre-loaded script and software for any unforeseen circumstance. We regularly rent Presidential Teleprompters to A-List talent and public figures or to high profile events. Our professional operators are trained to help talent who may be unfamiliar with teleprompter reading.


Interrotron Rental

Interrotron Mark III (Double Unit)

Developed by documentarian Errol Morris for interviews with non-professional talent, the interrotron works like a teleprompter that shows the director’s face as opposed to the script. The interrotron facilitates the capture of  naturalistic performances from the talent looking into the camera.

Interrotron rental LA, Hollywood interrotron - device on set - people around

The Interrotron allows you to get the highest standard shots the first time.

It creates a face – to – face dynamic between the director and talent for a truly compelling performance. 

The Interrotron Mark III

  • The professional Mark III is a dual unit system that allows the director to see the subject and have access to the framing, lighting and color correction.
  • The Mark III has 16 “X 9 ” video monitors so that the director sees the subject properly composed. Both video monitors on the Mark III are HD.
  • Simultaneously the directors can have a comfortable,  accurate,  and productive “one on one” conversation with the subject, while monitoring the technical aspects of the shot.
  • The talent’s unit is a modified, professional “gold plate” Autocue Teleprompter.  It can easily accept Red Dragon, Phantom, Alexa, C300, F35 and  most  professional cameras on its sliding rod and plate system.
  • It accepts every type of camera output:  HDMI, HD-SDI, Component, and Composite.  Each has a “pass-through” for additional monitor access.
  • The Interrotron is delivered and operated by a professional technician.
  • The Interrotron can also function as a standard teleprompter and be switched in seconds by the operator

EyeDirect Rental

The EyeDirect Mark II (EyeLiner)

Measures 25″ X 12″ weighs 30 lbs and can fit in a small case. Safe to ship worldwide from Hollywood. The EyeDirect is the ideal teleprompter for traveling and shooting in distant locations where technicians are not available.

EyeDirect, EyeDirect Rental LA, LA EyeDirect

We also carry the folding Mark E EyeDirect.

Suitable for small camcorders and DSLR’s. Very light and foldable to the size of a laptop for cost-effective shipping.

 The EyeDirect Mark II

  • Features a double mirror configuration that allows for the director to see the subject’s face in proper left/right orientation and the same is true with the subject’s view of the director. 
  • The Mark II is a precision-made instrument with very few moving parts. Consequently, it is a perfect unit to take on the road.  It is highly reliable.
  • The unit comes in a custom-fitted road case which offers maximum protection.
  • There is a tablet teleprompter slot incorporated within the Mark II.  It takes but a minute to switch from “Interrotron mode” to “teleprompter mode”.  
  • Producers can control the tablet with a Bluetooth smartphone or use the “airplay” function of a Mac laptop.  
  • By simply inserting a tablet into the slot, one can instantly transform the EyeDirect into a teleprompter. (You simply download teleprompter software)  
  • Note: You can rent an iPad preloaded with teleprompter software with your EyeDirect.
  • The unit is so simple to use that it does not require a technician.  A grip or AC should have no problem getting the unit up and functioning very quickly.

Confidence Monitor Rental

Downstage Teleprompter Monitor

Confidence Monitors come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Invisible to an audience, these monitors are strategically placed around the stage so that the performer can move about without fear of missing lyrics or text.  

A reliable teleprompter to truly give you confidence.

Singers and actors alike use downstage monitors so they concentrate on the performance, not memory.

Confidence Monitor Sizes and Configurations:

Two or three small 19″ monitors placed low at the lip of the stage so that the speaker or performer can walk about without losing sight of the text or lyrics. We sometimes disguise them as audio speakers. Works well for singers!

One or two larger monitors 32″ to 36″ are placed just off the stage making them invisible to the audience. Require that the singer or speaker occasionally glance back into the wings rather than into the audience.

The rear of house monitor is a large monitor usually 42 ‘ to 60″ placed at the rear behind the audience. Performers can look into the audience giving the impression of eye contact. 

But when the speaker needs to walk around the front of the room or even move down into the audience, the teleprompter of choice is the confidence monitor.This is often a large 40″ to 80″ monitor placed at the rear of the room or multiple smaller monitors like 36″ monitors mounted low to the floor on a rolling swivel cart.  


Confidence monitor rental, downstage monitors

Teleprompters for live performances that can be hidden from the audience and adjusted for specific brightness and color settings.


Wireless SteadiCam Prompter Rental

Jib Prompter | Through-the-Lens | Handheld

The amazing hand held slider mounted prompter. Delivered with a professional operator in Hollywood and can be shipped anywhere. Available as a wireless option.

SteadiCam Teleprompter and Operator

Auto Scroll Software

Voice activated software included with tablet or monitor.

SteadiCam Teleprompter and Op
  • IYF 10″ beamsplitter / hood
  • 2.8 Pounds without monitor
  • 600 NTS 10″ Monitor 1.5 Pounds
  • Power D Tap, Anton Bauer, 4 Pin XLR  (cables included) or included Sony Batteries
  • Wireless Option Available
  • Adaptors included for 15 mm and 19mm rods
  • Composite, HDMI and VGA inputs
  • Sturdy Aluminum Frame
  • No Fan
  • Modular System for 6″ – 12″ Mobile Devices.
  • 60/40 Beamsplitter Glass
  • Carbon fiber Rods
  • Includes PC & Mac Prompter Software
  • 150mm Lens Openings
  • No tools necessary for assembly
  • Folds flat for Transport and storage.

iPad Prompter Rental

iPad Prompter

iPad Prompter with voice controlled text scrolling. Works wirelessly with SteadiCam/Ronin. A modular system for 6″ to 12″ mobile devices. Scripts and digital notecards function and 15 ft reading range.

iPad prompter, iPad prompter rental, Voice Controlled Teleprompter, Auto Scroll teleprompter,

Pro Version with a 12" Hi Brite Monitor

Voice Controlled iPad Prompter With Voice Track Scrolling Software

Voicetrack Proprietary voice recognition technology.

60/40 Beamsplitter Glass.

Additional scrolling options.

Carbon Fiber Rods.

PC and Mac prompter software.

Special speech guiding features.

150mm Lens openings.

Digital notecards for less structured speeches.

No tools necessary for asssembly

Document editing within Promptsmart

Folds flat for transport.

The iKan Pro iPad Teleprompter Rental 

An iPad Teleprompter suitable for small to medium cameras without long lenses.  It comes with an iPad and software. You can control the speed of the scrolling text by adjusting the scrolling text speed to the speaker and letting it run, or by controlling the speed with an iPhone via Bluetooth.

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