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The SkyTronn is the logical extension of the Interrotron technology.

About Skytronn

It lets the director and the person being filmed talk to each other “face-to-face,” but from a distance.

Even if the person being interviewed is in New York and the director is in Hollywood, they can still have a very personal “one-on-one conversation.”

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It feels more real. More honest. More visceral. (Golden Award?)

This is a good thing for directors.

It also saves time and money because great answers are often given on the first try.

This is good news for the producers.

And now, you can often save more time and money by directing the talent from a distance through the lens of the camera, while also having access to other views of the set, lighting, etc.

This is a great tool for casting, of course.

One could just stream the casting session, but more and more top directors want to control the final “call back sessions” by interacting with the candidates through the actual camera lens via “Interrotron at a distance.”

Errol Morris, who made the Interrotron, won an Academy Award for the way he used it to do very personal interviews. The word, which comes from words “Interview” and “Terror,” was made up by his wife.

Producers and directors with a lot of experience know that non-professional actors and children often feel uncomfortable or even “terrified” when a cold camera lens is pointed at their faces. They can see that the whole crew is quietly staring at them to see how they do.

It can be a little scary.


Interrotron Director Unit - BM on screen
Interrotron rental LA, Hollywood interrotron - device on set - people around

Face-to-face interaction is important because it lets the director read the body language of his subject and vice versa.

This process started with the Skype-O-Tron, which allowed the same communication with an Interrotron at the location of the subject. But problems with latency and other things made it necessary to upgrade.

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