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Teleprompter Rentals Hollywood

If you are in Hollywood, around Hollywood, flying over over Hollywood, scoping out Hollywood, creeping the place or just plain coming to visit ... and you are bringing your talent, musicians, set up crew blah blah blah, why haven't you called us yet?

Genius like Talent - Late Night Audition in bar the night before
You surely weren't expecting your talent, ( yeah the great looking guys and girls you hired just yesterday ) to remember all those lines that took you four weeks to memorize, even though, you wrote it?

Oh, you were, were you?

It is surprising how many Directors expect that the fresh face that they just met yesterday, yes that new one that will soon outshine the sun itself, is going to remember 2 pages of lines written in an 8 point font face the following morning.

So, let's be reasonable with the memory work expected from new talent

But, we know you wouldn't do that. And we know you wouldn't do that because hourly paid talent on union rates, uhhm not so fun. So use a teleprompter or autocue where possible. That makes everyone's time a bit more efficiently used.

So, do you want to make this a 4 day shoot, or just an afternoon shoot like you had originally planned.

Ask your secretary, you know the one that actually does ALL the Work ( even directing sometimes ) to give us a call.

We are waiting for her call and can have your equipment delivered in Hollywood in no time at all a reasonable amount of time. ( Well, my editor said that's just not exactly true ).

Give us a little notice and we can have fairly complicated set ups involving teleprompters, interrotrons, presidential prompters, steadi-cam prompters, eye-directs and more at your location on time for your shoot.

So, you're in LA but not in Hollywood, no matter, where-ever you are, we can be.

And you're not having a party and simply forgetting to invite us ... well ... wait a minute, you wouldn't do that now, would you?