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Professional teleprompter service,

A division of our national prompter service TeleprompterRental.com.

Standard Prompter and Operator Delivered $845
Presidential Prompter Pair Delivered with Professional Operator $945
Interrotron and Operator/Tech Delivered $945
Confidence Monitors pair $845

Call us now at 818-434-9660
or 24/7 on our mobile 917-414-5489

Why rent from a company rather than an individual owner/operator?


With TeleprompterRental.com you have a national company behind the service:

If an operator is suddenly unavailable, we have others always standing by to serve you.

If for any reason there is an equipment failure, broken glass, faulty monitor, etc. we have backups to send immediately.

All our gear is top-of-the-line AutoCue gold plate Professional or Master Series units. That means you don’t have to worry if your camera and lens will fit. It will.

The Autocue units are expensive to purchase, but very well made so they won’t break down on your shoot. They are also very versatile so they can handle everything from an SLR, like the venerable 5D, to the latest iteration of the RED with a huge zoom (see the image below).


We use a variety of professional monitors selected to fit the needs of your job.
We don’t believe in one size fits all.
We have ...

  • Very Ultra Bright monitors,
  • Battery powered daylight view monitors,
  • Professional 16 X 9 HD camera monitors that can take any input such as
    • HDMI,
    • HDSDI,
    • Component and Composite as well as VGA.
      (Note most companies supply only old fashioned VGA SD monitors. The multi-pin VGA cable is prone to fail.)

We are a one stop shop for all kinds of professional prompter gear:

  • Standard through-the-lens prompter
  • Above/below the lens prompter
  • Rig to shoot one camera two cameras though the same prompter
  • Presidential teleprompter (standard and auto rise models)
  • SteadiCam prompter (wireless)(Interrotron Mark III & Mark IV
  • EyeDirect
  • EyePrompt (iPad teleprompter)
  • (Confidence monitor aka “rock ‘n’ roll” monitors (many types and sizes)
  • Jib and handheld units
  • Daylight, battery powered and ultra bright monitors.

Our operators are cross-trained on all gear so if, for example, you rented an Interrotron and at the last minute also want to do some standard prompting our operator will just convert the Interrotron to prompter mode ( two minutes) and you are in business.  

He/she will have a laptop with professional prompting software. Your text will be quickly loaded and your problem solved.
Redundancy. Our operators carry back up of most parts that can fail.

We are a 24/7 company.
We can be reached early/late and on weekends and holidays. Our emergency mobile number is 917-414-5489

As a national company you get the same high quality, reliable gear and service when you shoot in other media markets.