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Los Angeles is renowned for its vibrant live events scene, and a crucial element in ensuring the seamless execution of these productions is the live events teleprompter. With cutting-edge technology and skilled operators, teleprompters in Los Angeles have become an indispensable tool for keeping presenters, hosts, and speakers on point during conferences, award shows, and live broadcasts. These devices enable the delivery of flawless, natural speeches and maintain the flow of events, making them a staple in the city’s entertainment and corporate worlds.


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Teleprompter Rental LA is a celebrity-friendly all-encompassing Teleprompter Rental Service. Our goal is to provide the highest quality professional service to our clients. We carry high-end prompters and advanced software.  Skilled professionals will make your project run smoothly.  Close attention will be paid to your needs. We are aware of budget constraints and will do our best to work within your limits.  At Teleprompter Rental LA our singular priority is to make your project a successful one.

The following is included when you rent a Teleprompter in Hollywood or Los Angeles.

  • Teleprompters which feature a wide range of motion to accomodate any camera and most long lenses.
  • Teleprompter monitors optimized for low power consumption.
  • Teleprompters with well-designed hoods for quick access to the Teleprompter glass and camera lens.
  • The Teleprompter device is delivered free of charge locally.
  • A Professional Teleprompter Operator/Speech Coach accompanies the unit.


We offer several Teleprompter rental options to suit any production need.

The Standard Teleprompter (Through-the-lens)

The AutoCue Professional Gold Plate is the most versatile model of its kind.  It is the chosen one by Teleprompter professionals everywhere who recognize that it is the best for studio and outside broadcasting.

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The Presidential Teleprompter (Speech Prompter)

The Rise and Fall Presidential Teleprompter

The Presidential Teleprompter has two glass panels resting on top of two narrow poles flanking the podium. Candidates from all parties use it during campaign season to deliver speeches.  This Teleprompter allows the speaker to make direct eye contact with the audience.

The “Rise and Fall”  Presidential Prompter, as its name implies, has a distinctive feature in that its height can be lowered or raised remotely depending on the height of the person speaking.

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The Interrotron Mark III (Double Unit)

The Interrotron, with its dual Teleprompter units, creates a “face-to-face” dynamic.  It captures a natural interaction between the two people involved eye to eye.  Picture this – on the talent’s unit, the director/interviewer’s image is reflected in the front of the lens. thus establishing direct engagement towards the center of the camera.  On the director’s unit one can see the subject, so that checking for framing, correct coloring, or adjusting lighting is easy.

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The EyeDirect

The EyeDirect is an excellent alternative to the above described unit.  If your shoot is in a distant location and a professional operator is not available, you needn’t worry.  It can be picked up in LA or shipped anywhere in the world. It doesn’t require an operator.  It comes in a Pelican case.  Instructions are emailed to you after your rental is confirmed. It can work as an iPad Prompter if using the tablet mount included in the case. We carry both the standard Mark II EyeDirect and the folding Mark E EyeDirect.


Confidence Monitors

Confidence monitors come in a variety of sizes and configurations.  Even the most consummate performer, singer, comedian or a just a regular Joe benefits from this subtle reminder of the text or lyrics.  Their performance is enhanced and flawless with a little help from this friend.  These monitors are usually positioned downstage so that they’re not visible to the audience. The sometimes feeling of anxiety before facing an audience big or small is gone without ingesting mood altering such and such.  Wellness, naturally!

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The Wireless SteadiCam Prompter

What we’ve got here is a hand-held jib (slider mounted prompter) with voice-controlled scrolling text. It too is available for pick-up in Hollywood or it can be shipped anywhere.

The iPad Prompter with Voice-Controlled Text Scrolling

The iPad Prompter works wirelessly with SteadiCam/Ronin.

Also available is the Pro Version 12” Hi Brite Monitor

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He’s directed a host of star performers including James Earl Jones, Dick Van Patten, Raven Simone, Charlton Heston, Priscilla Barnes, Erik Estrada, Paul Smith, Michael Parks, James Hong, et al.  Bill is a former president of a Japanese/American film and TV production/distribution company, Sigmax, Inc.  The company remade major Japanese Motion pictures in the US in English and dubbed hundreds of hours of Japanese animation into English and Spanish. Sigmax was the North American distributor of that content. He has undergraduate degrees in English, philosophy and classical languages, an MA in English Literature, and MA and Ph.D. ABD in Cinema Studies from Tisch at NYU.  He taught Film Production and Feature Screen Writing at the NYU School of Film & Television.

Meet Bill Milling

Bill is the owner of The American Movie Company and its subsidiary,  He’s the Emmy Award-winning producer of the NBC children’s TV series “Unicorn Tales”.  The series won 18 Emmys as well as the coveted  Action For Children’s Television Award.  He’s written,  produced and directed over twenty feature films. Additionally, he worked on many major motion pictures as Executive in Charge of Production or Production Supervisor on:  “The Mortal Instruments, City of Bones”,  “Lucky Number Slevin”, “Senseless”, “54”, “Third Miracle”,  “The Late Shift” etc. Bill produced content for virtually every major TV series including “30 Rock”, “Gossip Girl”, “CSI NY”, “Dexter”, “The West Wing”, “Mad About You”, “Friends”, “Will & Grace”, “Everybody Loves Raymond”, “Conviction”, “The X Files”, “How I Met Your Mother”, “Smallville”, “Without A Trace” and more.

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Teleprompter Rental LA  is a subsidiary and an integral part of the nation’s largest and best-equipped teleprompter rental companies, the American Movie Company.

We provide a wide variety of  Teleprompter Rental packages such as Presidential Prompters, Daylight Prompters, SteadiCam Prompters and Confidence Monitors. We also carry the very popular much-sought-after Interrotron.

The American Movie Company offers quality Teleprompter service to 48 cities across the country, and Toronto.

Teleprompter Rental LA works closely with American Movie Company’s main hub in New York City.

Teleprompter Rental LA

West Hollywood, Burbank, Century City, Laguna Beach, Anaheim, Beverly Hills, Long Beach, Pasadena, Santa Ana, Malibu, Venice, Ventura, Santa Monica, Sherman Oaks and more.

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