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EyeDirect Rental available for pick-up in Hollywood

The EyeDirect is a perfect solution for a shoot in a distant location where an experienced technician may not be available. 

EyeDirect - AMC logo on it

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    The double mirror configuration allows for the director to see the subject’s face in proper left/right orientation and the same is true with the subject’s view of the director.  (Note: This is also true with the standard Mark III Interrotron.) The Mark II is a precision-made instrument with very few moving parts. Consequently, it is a perfect unit to take on the road.  It is highly reliable. The unit comes in a custom-fitted road case which offers maximum protection.

    There is a tablet teleprompter slot incorporated within the Mark II.  It takes but a minute to switch from “Interrotron mode” to “teleprompter mode”.  Producers can control the tablet with a Bluetooth smartphone or use the “airplay” function of a Mac laptop.  By simply inserting a tablet into the slot, one can instantly transform the EyeDirect into a teleprompter. (You simply download teleprompter software)  

    Note: You can rent an iPad preloaded with teleprompter software with your EyeDirect. The unit is so simple to use that it does not require a technician per se.  A grip or AC should have no problem getting the unit up and functioning very quickly.  The unit is less expensive to rent than its larger, more professional siblings, the Interrotron Mark III or Mark IV.

    How big is the (camera lens) hood opening?

    The EyeDirect has a 140-millimeter hood opening, making it compatible with virtually all professional cine zoom lenses. You can use a lens with a larger front element if you do not need the lens to “slide into the box.

    Can a single director/camera operator shoot and interview at the same time with an EyeDirect?

    Yes. This unit works on either side of the camera. You can set the mirror to keep your eye next to the camera eyepiece. It takes some practice but this unit is designed to accommodate this.

    Can the EyeDirect act as a Teleprompter/Autocue?

    Yes, you can easily use this unit as a Teleprompter. It features a built-in mount that accommodates a full-size tablet. With the included Teleprompter software, you can use the EyeDirect as a Teleprompter/Autocue.

    (Note: the software on the iPad or Android tablet is not as fully featured as that of our Standard Teleprompters.)

    Will the EyeDirect Rental accommodate multiple people in the same shot?

    Yes. Even a small group of people can be arranged to look directly into the camera lens. The EyeDirect has a point of interest that captures their attention.

    Does the EyeDirect require electricity?

    No, the EyeDirect uses a mirror system that does not require power. The unit may be used anywhere.

    Can we ship the EyeDirect?

    Yes, we ship the unit worldwide. (Available in New York, Miami and Los Angeles for pickup/return.)

    EyeDirect device with operator behind it

    Safe to Ship Worldwide

     Measures 25″ X 18″ X 12″ weighs 30 lbs. and fits in a small Pelican case.

    EyeDirect picture with AMC logo on device

    Bill Milling Explains What an EyeDirect Is.


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