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Our Presidential Teleprompter Rental System includes:

Dual monitors, a trained Teleprompter Operator, distribution amplifier, cables, software, and backup supplies.

Our speech prompter features a pair of transparent glass screens on thin stands which flank the speaker. They display text in a way that is clear to the speaker but  invisible to the audience.

We are part of the largest teleprompter rental service in North America and take pride in our reputation. We regularly lease Presidential Teleprompters to UN diplomats, national politicians, corporate executives and A-List talent. Our past clients include Beyonce, Oprah Winfrey, First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Jeb Bush. Our Teleprompter Operators are used to working with such clients; they do so with comfort and professionalism.
Because the Speech Teleprompter is usually leased for high profile live events, our operators work with talent to bring out their best performance. Our operators can alter their Presidential Teleprompter’s text-scrolling speed with that of the speaker. They also work with talent beforehand to make sure they are comfortable and ready.

Teleprompter Rental LA and The American Movie Company are in the “professional” motion picture business. We know not to give out business cards or attempt to solicit your clients.

We offer Presidential Teleprompters with Robotic Height Adjustment!

Ideal for events or conferences with multiple speakers!

Oftentimes, conferences or speaking arrangements feature several consecutive speakers. When these speakers require Presidential Teleprompters, such events can become difficult. Speakers must be at eye level with the teleprompter glass to properly view the teleprompter copy. This means that our teleprompter operators must adjust the height of the Presidential Teleprompter every time the speaker changes.

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